Monday, August 18, 2008

Psalm 4

Having used it myself,i can comfortably say that it really works.In 2001 i needed some money urgently,having no one to turn to but to Jehovah,i prayed this psalm following every detail carefully.

The next morning a friend of mine actually came to wake me up to give me some money he had been owing me for some time.

Pray this psalm three times before the rising of the sun,with humility and devotion, while at the same time you should impress upon your mind its ruling name and each time the appropriate prayer, trusting in the help of the mighty Lord, without whose will not the least creature can perish. Proceed in person to extricate your comtemplated undertaking, and all things will result to your entire satisfaction.

The holy name is called Jiheje,(He is and will be), and the prayer is as follows:

"May it please thee oh Jiheje, to prosper my ways, steps and doings. Grant that my desire may be amply fulfilled and let my wishes be satisfied even this day, for the sake of Thy great, mighty and praiseworthy name Amen!- Selah!

If you wish to accomplish an undertaking by or through another, proceed in all things as already stated above, with this exeption: you must change the prayer as follows: Let me find, grace, favour and mercy in the eyes of N, son of R, so that he may grant my petition.

N - one's or another person's name.

R - one's mother's name or another person's mother's name.


yada said...

why not pray to God or Lord, why Jiheje?

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